Gallery of Ideas

At Armadillo Granite and Marble, we pride ourselves on offering you the widest selection of premium stones. Whether your taste is for bold, dramatic marble countertops, the rugged durability of granite, or an elegant natural stone such as quartz, our highly-experienced staff will walk you through our showroom and help you pick just the right stone. And all of our countertops are of the highest quality material available! Granite feels right at home in a kitchen. In this gallery you will find many different examples of countertops that were fabricated and installed by us. Use this as a source of ideas and a reference for your own granite kitchen countertop.  While granite is usually used in kitchens, your bathroom can get a natural stone top as well! Here you can see examples of marble and granite vanity tops.  Granite as a bar top will not only add the elegance, but it’s quite practical too! Just like a kitchen countertop it will provide an easy to clean surface if you do happen to spill a drink or two.  You could say that natural stone can be used anywhere. Whether it’s in an office, or on a coffee table in your living room – granite, or marble for that matter will be the centerpiece of your room.