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I think they did a fabulous job. When I came home from work, I was in awe. They were thorough, friendly, very efficient, and were careful not to damage any of my appliances. They were very clean. They made sure the house was in as good of shape or better when they left. I would use them again in a heart beat. We are actually considering remodeling our bathrooms.

Ana Navarro 

Mario was extremely helpful and less expensive then other installers. Overall he did a pretty good job.

David Flores

They were here on time. They reaired chips in granite counter tops. Cleaned and polished all granite counter tops.

Donald Lee

We have recommended Armadillo to everyone we know and our general contractor was impressed and also recommends the firm.
My wife selected the granite before we retained Armadillo. She was a science teacher for 35 years and the piece she selected had numerous mineral outcroppings. It is a truly unique piece.
Our interview process confirmed our preference for Armadillo. He suggested Barbara come to the shop and lay out the counter with him. He would not make a cut without Barbara’s approval. She did go to the shop and choose the flow of the lines and minerals in the granite. They did not miss a trick. The back splashes matched the counter top; the entire project looked as though it had been painted on a canvas. 
Once the meeting with Barbara was completed, the next meeting was with the general contractor. They both measured and re-measured the counter top area. They discussed matching the back splash behind the cook top with the hood vent. Also, they reviewed the support that the counter would rest on. Armadillo works well with general contractors.
The owner of Armadillo is an artisan with a very practical side. One of the problems with a granite top is the installation of an under counter dish washer. It often requires screwing into the granite top. He showed us a product he brought from California. It is a strip that glues to the granite and the screws go into the strip not the granite. He also has a unique method of reinforcing large cut out areas ( cook top, sink ).
The installation was as meticulous and perfect as the pre planning.

Richard and Barbara Valentino

Mario, explained in detail the pricing and work the first day of meeting, which prices were reasonable. I was satisfied with the end result. I love my kitchen.

Jose Najera

Mario (owner) helped us decide upon the granite we wanted. We were able to pick from the actual bundles of granite at the showroom warehouse. He then spent the better part of the afternoon helping us to decide on the backsplash. We choose out of many many varieties and textures and designs, the perfect traverline backsplash that would compliment the granite.
He kept kept us abreast through phone, of when the installation would take place.

The morning they began, they promptly showed up each day on time.
They tore out our old backsplash tile and old countertops.They put drop clothes down throughout our hallways. They always disposed of all the old materials. 
They brought in the granite pieces (several heavy and large). Went to work placing the granite as they said they would (we wanted some of the natural beautiful marks which granite has, to show-off in certain areas of the counters.).They then covered those beautiful peices with protective paper. The next day and 1/2 they went to work on the travertine. They had to bevel each piece of this certain style 6 inch travertine squares in order that it would fit against the next one. That is because we had the 6 inch squares on the diaganal. Then right over the stove top Mario worked on a sort of inset design that we had chosen back at the store. He made that to look like a real focus point/a show of real custom to the work. Well, the whole of the work is and was custom in every manner of the word. He and his wonderful employees worked diligently and methodically. 
After the pieces were all in place, they grouted the whole of it with the color grout we all agreed upon at the store several days prior. We loved the accents. We had agreed to place little groupings of 4 small shiny tiles here and there on the backsplash. Those of course had to also be cut and fitted into the tiles These accents 
They cleand up extremely well! They had made a nice working area in our garag from the start of their work; extremely professional. After the installation, the employees cleaned and dusted, sealed the granite, hosed down dirt in the garage.Their professional manner was curtious, gracious, kind, and above all, caring to what we as the customer, had asked for! Our overall experience was more than wonderful. We are very thankful that we choose to go with Armdillo Granite and Marble!
I think I just told the whole story above. We would have this company do this all over again. From the start to the end our faith grew as we watched their careful decision making and their genuine care to details. Mario’s expertise and his knoweldge of the products shined through to us and made us confident and assured of a good product.
I hope that the story above explained how much from start to finish we loved the work they did!

Thomas and Victoria Green

Product was delivered on time and the staff was very efficient at the installation.

Sarah Jones

I am completed satisfied with the granite counter tops and ceramic tile that Armadillo Marble & Granite installed in our kitchen. The company is owned by Mario Villarreal. From start to finish Mario & his crew were polite, displayed the highest level of professional and kept us informed of their status throughout the project. 

Mario is very personable and with the many types of tile and colors to choose from, he helped us select tile colors that complimented both the granite and the tile floor. In addition, Mario added a design to the tile back splash that really complimented the color of the granite.

It was clear that they were extremely knowledgeable in their craft, but we were extremely impressed with their attention to detail. Everything was completed to perfection. When they finished, the kitchen looks as if it is new. The project took several days and at the end of each day, they thoroughly cleaned the area where they were working. I highly recommend Armadillo.

Curtis White

They were fabulous. The owner of the company came out and I did not want just the uniformity of designs. Like some people want it all the same but I didn’t want that so I wanted to first see the designs. I had a corner window that I previously had a ledge that went up into the two windows in the kitchen by the sink. There was a triangular block at the back that was made for plants. The tile person came out to make sure that all of the designs flowed up into the backsplash and into the window sill which he also made out of granite. He was very meticulous in the designs and how he cut the marble. We discussed beforehand how that would happen so I was extremely pleased. We bought the slab and then he had it delivered to his place of business and cut it. The thing that made this thing unique for me as a husband was he took Barbara over and cut the piece. Barbara is a science teacher so found a piece that had all sorts of minerals in it of granite. He cut the pieces so that it all falls and made it match. He did exactly what she wanted and also did something that even the contractor had not seen here in the dishwasher. He had a metal strip that he adhered to the granite because lots of people would drill holes. He had a strip and the screws went into the strip, they never touched the granite. We worked with him because we had a stainless steel splash made so he came over to measure everything twice to make sure before it was ordered. Everything he did was just great and we completely changed that kitchen. He just did it exactly the way she wanted and as part of the amount we paid he mounted with a proxy where the sink was because she put in a big double color sink. He reinforced that granite, he did it with a proxy and it literally looked like rebar. We can’t see where the cut was made; those are the little things that we wouldn’t have known to ask about. When my wife was trying to describe where the two windows were, he cut pieces of granite that matched what we had on the countertop and built a window sill for us. He also took the splashes by four to six inches around where the windows are in that area and he made the splash go all the way from the counter to the window sill. It all flowed and it wasn’t like two pieces of granite. He allowedBarbara to go over and they marked the granite with the white chalk. They talked about what they wanted, was easy to deal with and they marked exactly what we wanted. The pieces were cut and it wasn’t like they were the boss. They asked us being the customers what we wanted and he did everything that we wanted to be done. We went around to different places where they had already cut half inch granite on with a plywood backing and he beat their price with three quarter inch granite. Our contractor saw his work after they were finished and he got a hand full of cards. Not only was the work good but we had a situation with the contactor where we had to delay the granite install because the contractor’s wife had breast cancer. The granite guy handled that the same way as he handled everything else. If I had any other work to be done I wouldn’t look anywhere else but call Armadillo Granite & Marble.

Richard and Barbara Valentino

Mario, explained in detail the pricing and work the first day of meeting, which prices were reasonable. I was satisfied with the end result. I love my kitchen.

Jose Najera